• Flaviojs


    May 14, 2011 by Flaviojs
    Collecting info about parties before adding as content.
    Flaviojs 02:58, May 14, 2011 (UTC)

    Maximum size is 4 players.

    TODO When are the damage counters updated? Must the party leader be in the same map?

    TODO How is experience shared/split between players?

    TODO Is exp from criticals shared or not?

    TODO party matching details

    The size of the party in the last map (usually boss map) affects the chance of getting a rare item.
    From what I remember, it works something like this:

    • party of 1 → 1/8 rare, 7/8 common
    • party of 2 → 1/4 rare, 3/4 common
    • party of 3 → 1/2 rare, 1/2 common
    • party of 4 → 3/4 rare, 1/4 common

    Here a 'rare item' doesn't necessarily have Rarity rank; it's a mission specific rank.

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  • TurtleX


    April 18, 2011 by TurtleX

    1. Nano lists in type pages: DW, Bow, Attach

    2. New versions of weapon-look pics from GhostX forum

    3. Check evolution/cube/combi pics versions with the forum version

    4. Check missing nano's pics - could take them from the forum

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  • Flaviojs

    Progress Report

    March 12, 2011 by Flaviojs

    To celebrate surpassing 5k edits, I decided to report on the current status of the wiki.

    I estimate that roughly 50% of the final content is currently in the wiki. The format of the wiki pages are in a mixed state:

    1. main format decided (minor changes expected):
      • individual pages of ghosts/nanobots/jewelry/somas/materials
      • some main info pages
    2. experimental format decided (can change at any time):
      • category structure
      • quest/area/mission/labyrinth pages
      • individual pages of other items
      • some main info pages
    3. other:
      • changing from grouped to individual content (Character Skills/Ghosts/nanobot pages)
      • unprocessed content

    There's still a lot of work to do... =~~

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  • Flaviojs

    Over 1k edits in a month?

    November 20, 2010 by Flaviojs

    Well... never expected the number too rise so fast.

    But don't be fooled, over half of them should be because I decided on individual pages and am experimenting with Templates. =~~


    1. Add info after confirming in-game (ghosts/missions/areas/nanobots/items/...)
    1. Put confirmed info on individual pages; replace any old data with link to the individual page as a temporary measure
    1. Update confirmed info
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  • ReksHikari

    i'm trying to combine my big boss upgrade with a yama king.But i don't know how to get a yama king.pls help

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  • JustifyTemptation


    December 28, 2009 by JustifyTemptation

    e.e Just came to this wikia.. Pretty fun editting things really, too bad most things are in wikimarkup @_@ It's okay! I'll stick to html! XD Hope this stay here will be helpful :o~

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  • Nerva Magnum

    Five Hundred Edits?!

    December 23, 2009 by Nerva Magnum

    Has it been that long already? Over five hundred edits, almost all of 'em on this wiki. Am I obsessed, possessed, or otherwise bizarrely active? Or is this kind of thing normal?

    In any case, I'm certainly not gonna stop now. Come too far, done too much. I wanna make this wiki the place to go for GhostX info.

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  • Nerva Magnum

    Blasted vandals...

    December 15, 2009 by Nerva Magnum

    Had to deal with my first vandal today. Ruined the spelling and wording of the Sword entry. Why do people do stuff like this? It's just a blatant attack on perfectly useful information. What do they really hope to accomplish?

    I mean, it's not even hard to fix the aftermath of their attacks; it's quite literally the matter of three clicks. That's it. The guy probably spent five or ten times as long vandalizing the entry than I spent fixing it. Nice waste of effort, dude.

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  • Nerva Magnum

    Lots of work for me!

    December 15, 2009 by Nerva Magnum

    Wow, just arrived at the Ghost X wiki, and boy is there ever a lot of work for me, especially in the Nanobot lists. I've already de-mangled 4 nanobot entries, and found two more than I intend to de-mangle in the future. I need to get into contact with the major admins and editors of this wiki in-game; maybe get some help so I can get further along and add my info to the wiki.

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