Areas are unlocked through quests and gaining levels. Most areas are accessible through the City Map, where you can also start missions and labyrinths or enter the crew hideout.

You'll spend most of your relaxing time at the main areas, where you can access game funtions (crew/title/nanobots/heal/buy/sell/storage/market) and get basic quests from NPCs.

Areas Edit

Name Level Location(s)
White Aurora Base 2(1?) Seoul
Shopping Town 2(1?) Seoul
Sewer 3 Seoul
New Millennium Forest 6(?) Seoul
South River Station 11 Seoul
Ghost Corporation 16 Seoul
Isle Lake 21 Seoul
Erie River 23 Seoul
GX Cruiser 25 Seoul
Theater 27 Seoul
Airport 30 Pema+Seoul
Pema Temple 30 Pema
Pema Street 30 Pema
Training Room 32 Seoul
Stone Cave Temple 32 Pema
Namgel Castle 36 Pema
Skyscraper Street 39 Seoul
Hideout Other
Practice War Other

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